Friday 21 November 2014

CRM for travel agency

The patrimony of a travel agency consists in to his client’s data base.

For an efficient communication towards his clients a travel agency should be able to know by a mouse click the profile of his client: what were his previous destinations, what were his information demands in the past, what was his travel budget etc.

This segmentation allows a better mass mailing campaign concentrated on the interest target.

Thanks to Simple CRM’s mass mailing module a travel agency can sent only to the interested clients, newsletters with targeted travel promotion.

Simple CRM has also a Trends module especially for the tourism destinations that allows a better anticipation and a web 1.0 and 2.0 analysis of this particular market tendency. Therefore you can adapt your communication and you offer based on internet users’ researches.

The DMS (online document management system) module of Simple CRM allows travel documents attachments and a quick access to those documents.

The follow-up of travel related files is simplified and easily accessible by all travel agency collaborators.

Video explanation for creating newsletters in travel agencies 

Online CRM software for travel agencies 

Simple CRM overview (non-exhaustive list):

  • Online CRM software;
  • Free access at newsletters module: no fee, you can allow access to an external web designer, without paying extra fees;
  • Travel files management;
  • Travel documents management;
  • Emails follow-up management;
  • Complaints management;
  • Synchronized contacts and agenda with IPhone/IPad, Android mobile phone or PC tablet etc.
  • CRM for travel agencies IPhone/IPad, Android mobile phone or PC tablet etc. compatible;
  • Skype synchronization;
  • VOIP synchronization;
  • Email synchronization;
  • Network scanner synchronization that allows easy import of travel documents;


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